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Oil Boiler Servicing

I.D.B.S Ltd. complete the following checks on oil boilers service:


Check with customer whether there are any problems with the system.

  • Check the appliance location is suitable for the type of appliance.
  • Check the appliance for any damage before starting work on it.
  • Check for correct operation of the appliance, including consumer controls and the safety devices.
  • Check the electrical wiring complies with electrical regulations.
  • Check for correct clearances from combustible materials.
  • Examine Oil supply pipework for correct installation and clearances.
  • Check for correct ventilation to the room containing the appliance.

Service include removal ofburner from boiler.

  • Clean primary air combustion fan and housing.
  • Replace burner nozzle
  • Clean electrodes
  • Check flame failure [photocell] operation and safety cut off.
  • Replace or clean oil filter/s
  • Clean all boiler flue ways up to and including the first flue bend.
  • Clean combustion space and baffles
  • Refit burner, fire up and test.
  • Carry out full combustion test and record results.
  • Check fire valves for correct operation.
  • Check room ventilation.
  • Check all electrical controls I.E. programmer/time switch and thermostats.
  • Check oil tank filter element, if fitted,
  • Inspect oil tank.
  • Check oil line for leaks

Servicing Benefits:

  • Minimise the chance of a breakdown.
  • Improve boiler efficiency.
  • Ensure that your boiler is operating safely.
  • Efficient burning of fuel oil.
  • Ensure carbon monoxide and soot are not produced during combustion.
  • Meet manufacturers maintenance requirements.

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